Journal of International Dental and Medical Research

ISSN 1309-100X


Journal of International Dental and Medical Research is an internationally pulising journal by the Ectodermal Dysplasia Group-Turkey, JIDMR publish 4 times per year (In March, June, September, December; published at the end of the month or at the beginning of the following month) to promote practice, education, and research specifically related to the specialty of dental and medical researchs. Manuscripts are accepted for consideration if neither the article, nor any part of its essential substance, tables, or figures has been or will be published in another journal or is simultaneously submitted to another journal. Published papers do not necessarily represent the views of the editor, the Ectodermal Dysplasia Group-Turkey.

The Medical and Biomedical Research section of JIDMR is a section for  research papers from all major related fields of Dentistry with neuroscience, biophysics, environmental sciences algology, biotechnology and pharmacology. The journal will be high quality, comprehensive, exceptionally fast and consistently peer reviewed. It will be a multi-disciplinary publication for rapid communication in Biomedical research, for the promotion of the international scientific collaboration, for presenting the achievements that emphasize clinical, fundamental and molecular aspects of biomedical studies in the all of world.

Fast publication will be achieved by the use of modern communication techniques. The journal features full-length papers, rapid communications and mini-reviews on selected areas.

Manuscript and Peer Review Submission process is by the e-mail to the 


Prof. Dr. Izzet YAVUZ

Editor-in-Chief and General Director
Journal of International Dental and Medical Research ISSN 1309 – 100X